Nirequest ko, nakuha ko. Most Honorable…. Mehehe.
Nakakatuwa kpag naaalala ko gaano ako kaingay sa conference na yan. 😀 Nag enjoy talaga ako kahit isang araw lang ang meron kami para magreview. Nagsisimula na ang LCIMUN para sa conference namin sa October. At siguradong magpupursigi ang lahat para di kami makaranas ng mga pagsubok hahahha =))

Congratulations to my first dance :”> Mehehehe Best Delegate- Jesse!!! 🙂
Si Master Yongrui din pala, most honorable Sobrang namiss ko si Zak! =))) Di kasi sya sumama kasi first day ng campaign………. Kamiss.

Dko pa alam kung kelan yung susunod na conference. Mukhang hindi pa ngayon……… O next month….. Dahil sa exams….. Super pahinga 🙂 Sayang di sumama crush ko =))))) pero okay na rin, baka magkasama pa kami sa iisang conference….. Di pko magsalita =)))


Mac n Cheese Knockdown


Sums up my dayyy 🙂 Too bad some mac n cheese boxes got stuck in the middle of K and so marcdl had to kick it again from there… :/ but besides that it was all great! 🙂 I was so nervous when it was our turn because I was one of the chosen members to play skyfall and i can feel my cutie lookin at me 😦 =)))))) I was like the only violinist there :/ =))))) #kiligmuch

Mac and Cheese Prep

This is us during music class, practicibg for tomorrow’s Mac And Cheese Knockdown!!! 😀 After thi

s I had a piggy back ride from andrewwww \m/ such a cool guy And then after school, I stayed for gardening which is incredibly fuuuun. :’) i love worms.. lol jk :p During lunch, chippy and I stayed near the playground to practice bcos Ms. O was absent and so the music room was closed. Good thing it did not rain. Unforunately, we were both late for our third period class. =)))))) and I broke my mirror :)) it’s because we lost track of time 😀 #careless I have some fun facts!!! 😀 Did you know that chippy had 8 packs of abs!?!?! =)))) i just heard that during music class 😀 ohhhhhhh our music class today was crazzzzy xD and my cutie was soooo attractive today!!! I want to say hot but it’s too hot to say hot like three times. Lolol i just did say it three times! O:) Say my name say my name.╰(*´︶`*)╯

Too tight goodluck hug :’)


Jgh from Vaughan Road Academy for our maybe-last-badminton game. 🙂 Chippy hugged me too tight that we didn’t even have to play to win!! Hahaha! Our opponents unfortunately didn’t show up. It was a sure sure sure win 😀 but still I would prefer playing than winning. -____- I hope I don’t forget that I have gardening tomorrow after class :/ oh and that flower is just some flower i passed by on my way home. I had to stop and take a picture of it bcos it’s just sooooo beautiful. Hfbiwnqkbxkwfgwilgpgpq Love is like a flower, you have to let it grow. ⚅⚄♥ Didn’t see my cutie today because we left school right after lunch :/ Lame dayyyyy 😦 my May 1 sucks. Happy Labour Day Philippines!!!!! Mabuhay mga manggawa :*

Lost it

We had our fourth game yesterday. We went to Keele to YMCI school for like 2 hours! We got lost :p and so.. we lost hahaha! Now it’s a 2 wins 2 loses for four games. Good enough 😀

Another one.. we didn’t look at each other!!! I was too shy mehehehe ♥ but i know u were lookin at me ;p just kiddin… We have model un meeting later after school… Aja!! =)))

And for the last defeat… I tweeted four hours ago. When I woke up from a nightmare, and I deleted my weapon ‘I don’t want to come across as harsh.. but get over it!!sorry:)’ thisss!! Because… I REALLY DON’T WANT TO COME ACROSS AS HARSH. i don’t want to add fuel to the fire. I don’t want any cold war. I want NOTHING. NOTHING IN BETWEEN US TWO.
Anyway, I believe I have the right to tweet!!!!!! =))))))) twitter is too addictive 😦

I got free hugs from ny music fammmm before I left school :ppppp lucky me



I figured if I post all my stuffs here I probably won’t have anything left to say on twitter anymore. So here I am posting 8am in the morning. Have I told you before how my mom gets upset when we don’t eat the foods she buys? She gets so upset she says she won’t buy it again, but still does. She’s not like that when it comes to clothes but still I wear almost everything as long as it covers all my sensored parts… =)) i even wore a see-through sando to school before. That same day I was called twice by my history teacher to recite infront. I am confident with my body. I really am. But talking smartie stuffs while wearing that see-through sando is definitely a NO NO. Now I don’t plan on wearing any of those stuffs anymore but I probably will on summer. I am excited and scared of summer. I just hope everyone will take a bath everyday. These cute nails are one of the weird/ cool stuffs she bought last week. She also bought some eye lashes extension. I’ll let you know if I ever plan on wearing it tomorrow =))))) \m/

Off to school!
Here I come cutieeee ♥
Look at my nails, it’s to make sure you don’t break my heart today :p

Something in between

Orchestra’s been busy lately. There are 3 events that music would like to participate in, the lakeshore Mac and Cheese program, InsideRide and the Space thingy. Good thing, we’re done with our playing test (:

After school, Chippy and I stayed to practice. Because the music room and the auditorium were closed, we played in the stairs. There were few teachers that went by and a girl that secretely took a video of us. -____- I hope she didn’t post it on facebook. It was our second time practice only! We sucked!!!! Hahaha!!

I’m so happy right nao. :).I have chippy, I have chippy! He’s a very nice guy and what I like about him most is his gentle characteristics. He’s just chill all the time 😀 Our practice was fun. He’s learning soooo fast. We’re playing Canon in D. We’re almost thereeeeee

C h i p p y.
Now there are two things in between us. Two important things.

So yeah we stayed until like 530 i think. I want stay longer but I remembered that we’re playing badminton today. I was so tired and sleepy already because of the contineous works and projects but I still went anyway. And I’m glad I did! It was fuuuun. Really fuuuuun. 🙂 Dad taught us strokes etc. Whoooo!! Our coach is back!! 😀

Okaaaaaaay~ I’m so sleepy nao. Goodnight and yes I’m so happy I can sleep early…. Not that 12:02 is early, but still it’s earlier than usual :p