Mac and Cheese Prep

This is us during music class, practicibg for tomorrow’s Mac And Cheese Knockdown!!! 😀 After thi

s I had a piggy back ride from andrewwww \m/ such a cool guy And then after school, I stayed for gardening which is incredibly fuuuun. :’) i love worms.. lol jk :p During lunch, chippy and I stayed near the playground to practice bcos Ms. O was absent and so the music room was closed. Good thing it did not rain. Unforunately, we were both late for our third period class. =)))))) and I broke my mirror :)) it’s because we lost track of time 😀 #careless I have some fun facts!!! 😀 Did you know that chippy had 8 packs of abs!?!?! =)))) i just heard that during music class 😀 ohhhhhhh our music class today was crazzzzy xD and my cutie was soooo attractive today!!! I want to say hot but it’s too hot to say hot like three times. Lolol i just did say it three times! O:) Say my name say my name.╰(*´︶`*)╯


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