Too tight goodluck hug :’)


Jgh from Vaughan Road Academy for our maybe-last-badminton game. 🙂 Chippy hugged me too tight that we didn’t even have to play to win!! Hahaha! Our opponents unfortunately didn’t show up. It was a sure sure sure win 😀 but still I would prefer playing than winning. -____- I hope I don’t forget that I have gardening tomorrow after class :/ oh and that flower is just some flower i passed by on my way home. I had to stop and take a picture of it bcos it’s just sooooo beautiful. Hfbiwnqkbxkwfgwilgpgpq Love is like a flower, you have to let it grow. ⚅⚄♥ Didn’t see my cutie today because we left school right after lunch :/ Lame dayyyyy 😦 my May 1 sucks. Happy Labour Day Philippines!!!!! Mabuhay mga manggawa :*


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