I figured if I post all my stuffs here I probably won’t have anything left to say on twitter anymore. So here I am posting 8am in the morning. Have I told you before how my mom gets upset when we don’t eat the foods she buys? She gets so upset she says she won’t buy it again, but still does. She’s not like that when it comes to clothes but still I wear almost everything as long as it covers all my sensored parts… =)) i even wore a see-through sando to school before. That same day I was called twice by my history teacher to recite infront. I am confident with my body. I really am. But talking smartie stuffs while wearing that see-through sando is definitely a NO NO. Now I don’t plan on wearing any of those stuffs anymore but I probably will on summer. I am excited and scared of summer. I just hope everyone will take a bath everyday. These cute nails are one of the weird/ cool stuffs she bought last week. She also bought some eye lashes extension. I’ll let you know if I ever plan on wearing it tomorrow =))))) \m/

Off to school!
Here I come cutieeee ♥
Look at my nails, it’s to make sure you don’t break my heart today :p


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