Another start?

Because of my weird situation, crazy past and messy mistakes I had to go through a lot of acceptance, forgiveness, regrets and beginnings. I had like a hundred ‘start over’ days. I have deleted my twitter account thrice (and now I’m thinking of deleting it again) and blocked some people twice. It’s because I am honestly tired of all this shit. I am so so so tired and I know I’ve had enough. I don’t want to be connected to any of them in any way. I just want to get them out of my life because they’re bugging me. They’re not of any good and they’re just purposely annoying me.

I am as annoyed to myself as I am annoyed to them. Why can’t I just stop using those stuffs? Why can’t I just stop from talking? Why can’t I just stay away from all their craziness and focus on my life? I am as busy as hell right now. I have good friends and I love my new school. I love C A N A D A!!!

I hate how deep I fell. I hate how much I held onto words. I hate how much I believed.

Tomorrow, I’d get to see my cutie..

Hey, right now you’re the only one who I think can save my life. I would like to apologize in advance for all the crazy stuffs I might say or do. I gain my smiles from you and I’m building my happiness around you. I hope this doesn’t really result to another crash but it’s worth the risk. Don’t worry I promise not to fall too deep, I promise not to hold too tight and I promise I won’t believe everything you’ll say. You hold no responsibilities. Just smile. Just smile for me everyday okay? ♥

Tomorrow is another start. Yes. I’ll never give up. I’ll start over and over again if I have to. I will never let myself get stuck on that seat. I will move forward even if it means cutting one of my legs off.. HAHAHA eww

Tomorrow is another goodbye. I just have to believe that I can. I actually can. It just gets on my nerves during weekends… when everyone’s away. Maybe I should go out on sat and sun for a change. Yeah maybe that’s it…

Tomorrow… tomorrow I’d get to see you. How wonderful. Best way to start the week huh? ♥


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