Something in between

Orchestra’s been busy lately. There are 3 events that music would like to participate in, the lakeshore Mac and Cheese program, InsideRide and the Space thingy. Good thing, we’re done with our playing test (:

After school, Chippy and I stayed to practice. Because the music room and the auditorium were closed, we played in the stairs. There were few teachers that went by and a girl that secretely took a video of us. -____- I hope she didn’t post it on facebook. It was our second time practice only! We sucked!!!! Hahaha!!

I’m so happy right nao. :).I have chippy, I have chippy! He’s a very nice guy and what I like about him most is his gentle characteristics. He’s just chill all the time 😀 Our practice was fun. He’s learning soooo fast. We’re playing Canon in D. We’re almost thereeeeee

C h i p p y.
Now there are two things in between us. Two important things.

So yeah we stayed until like 530 i think. I want stay longer but I remembered that we’re playing badminton today. I was so tired and sleepy already because of the contineous works and projects but I still went anyway. And I’m glad I did! It was fuuuun. Really fuuuuun. 🙂 Dad taught us strokes etc. Whoooo!! Our coach is back!! 😀

Okaaaaaaay~ I’m so sleepy nao. Goodnight and yes I’m so happy I can sleep early…. Not that 12:02 is early, but still it’s earlier than usual :p



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