My favorite blogger’s back!! 😀
She’s been posting new stuffs! I haven’t read a thing yet but she inspired me to write again. Hmmmm I’ll start with where I left off. Okay so the talent show was extremely amazing. THE PATELS were really good dancers! Awww the patels ♥ And our piano quintet did a great job. ♥  It’s actually called SEXTET since we’re six. Yong Rui, Jazz, Minh, Vlad, Jarred plus me, but I don’t wanna call our group SEXTET so I just say piano quintet 😀 SEXTET. SEXTET. SEXTET. EWWWW. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Here comes more good news ♥
Zak and I won BEST SENIOR DELEGATION in Martingrove Model UN. :”> I honestly didn’t expect it. After the Hamilton Model UN (April 20) I lost all hope that one day I might win an award. The delegates there were professionals and they were all so smart and stuff while here I am, doesn’t even know what rearmament meant. I can’t debate cos my english sucks. It’s horrible!!!!! HAHAHA But I’m learning and I’m never giving up. 🙂
After the Hamilton Model UN, Zak and I joined Martingrove Model UN as partners representing Malaysia. (April 22 & 23) On our first day, Mr Koj went with us but on the second day it was only me, zak, jesse2 and allison2. 😀 
I don’t really know how I’m going to explain to you what happened during those conferences. A lot of things happened and a lot of things were on my mind so most of my thoughts about it are probably a mixture of reality and imagination. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just too messy to put to words.
So yeah to sum things up, there were a maximum of 200 students in the General Assembly. Each country represented by maximum of 4 students. United States, China, Austria, New Zealand, Italy, Niger, Turkey, North and South Korea, Japan etc. Countries that are in the United Nations. It doesn’t have to be big. There was a guy there representing St. Lucia. He was greeeeat too. His country’s not that big but he contributed a lot in the conference. See? It doesn’t really matter what country you have. Consider your country’s opinion in situations and then SAY SOMETHING. It doesn’t always has to be positive as long as that’s what your country thinks about it then that’s it!
ACCI MUN will be on May 15. I’m going. Whether I win an award or not, I’m going to speak. The important thing is I continue learning. ♥

It’s 2am in here now and I’m still aliveeeeee 😀
I missed school for 2 days so now I have to catch up to lessons. >.< Worst thing ever >.<

But good news again ♥
I’ll see my cutie crush tomorrow!!! Can’t wait :O 

One more! Chippy and I started practicing together yesterday during lunch. We’re going to practice again tomorrow after school :p We got thiiiiiiiiiiis

Here are some pics. ♥



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