Talent showwwww

I signed up for HAMMUN conference. It’s going to be on April 20. I’m going there with Zak. (: 

10 days left… I hope they tell me what country I’ll be representing soon, cause I definitely need to start researching now. :p

Uhm, and tomorrow is the literacy test for grade 10.. and then the Talent Show. 

Ms. O signed us up like 4 days before the actual talent show. I was surprised myself! Okay, so our piano quintet is going to play Blue Danube and then one more piece which is My Heart Will Go On, but it’s going to be the vln 1 and the piano only. It’s their extremely amazing duet ♥

Because of this sudden performance I’ve been taking my violin home to practice. I hope things go well for me and my sister ♥ It’s been sooo long since the last time we performed in public, excitement’s eating me uppppp (: 

Ohwell smille and good things will happen ♥


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