preventing world war 3

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This is harder than I thought. I totally forgot about my country’s opinion! Look at the resolution I came up with. “1. Suggests a Middle East peace agreement 2. Urges Israel to join the NPT 3. Confirm Israel’s possession of Nuclear weapons” Maybe they’re not deep enough. These are stupid resolutions TvT Everything is so complicated. I try to view things in a bigger picture just like what Mr. Koj said, but I can’t imagine anymore than a possible World War 3. If it’s true that Iran’s intention is to drop a nuclear bomb at israel and erase Israel from the map then how can I support that? How can I say that ‘Oh that’s a great plan, go for it” 😦 But my country likes it. Tunisia admires Iran because they’re not afraid of military aggression from US and Israel. :/ I don’t know Iran’s real intentions. Nobody does, that’s why it’s causing a turmoil right now. But I want to know what’s making Tunisia support Iran. Is it because of power? authority? alliance? Tunisia is giving me too little informations to figure that out. I’m having troubles knowing what they’re standing up for. It’s 2:39am already and I have classes at 9. I wake up at 5am and go to school at 8. If I sleep now I’ll have at least 2 hours of sleep, but how can I sleep!!! I’M STILL AWAKE BUT TUNISIA IS ALREADY GIVING ME NIGHTMARES


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