Tragic Melody ♫

I’m standing outside, wanting to be your friend
Your music attacked me, and I could not defend
Cos unfortunately I am not prepared
And so this girl fell in love with you instead

I was bound to love you when I heard you play
And now I dream to be with you someday
Cos your melody got me down with chains
Mixed in my blood, flowed through my veins

Now you’re stuck in my head, stuck in my dream
I wouldn’t even hear myself even if I scream
I’m addicted to your music, a sinner in between
However I refuse I always give in

However I try, I always end up captivated
Locked and torn by the music you have created
Healed and cured by the melody you release
Dissolving my problems, leaving me at ease

Longed for your harmony that can mend my heart
I have always been a slave of your from the very start
You will have the power to control my life
Cos now all I need is your music to survive


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