Random stuffs

We haven’t started the informal debates yet.. whew! That’s what we call LUCK. Hoho! But that doesn’t make any difference at all since I was already done with the questions and I’m too lazy to search and read long stuffs again today. Though I think I’ll still check out some youtube vids. I’m still as confused as before, well actually not as much as before but still confused. I’m not even sure if I’m going the right way hahaha!

I downloaded lots of apps today! One of them is a zombie picture editor that obviously as stated in its name turns you into a zombie. I’ll post the pic later, it’s in my phoneee.

I’m so excited for tomorrow! ♥ Oh la la la ♥ Guess what? ♥ I just got myself a new inspiration! Yaaaaaay ☺

We’re going to have the playing test in music class tomorrow. I’m nervous, and that’s normal but what’s killing me right now is this scared feeling I have because I’m pretty sure everyone’s expecting something from me since I got a hundred percent in the last playing test. But I’m telling you the truth, I’m not playing humble who humble what, I’m really, really scared because I know the music piece is hard and while we were playing it a while ago, I actually made a lot of mistakes. :/ I curse those D flats and E flats.

I don’t know why but the sun in here goes down at around 8pm. TvT

I hate how random I am. I’m sorry I write this way, I don’t know when I started to be like this. Maybe when I started to write in my online diary. Yeaaaah lol My entries there were so random! Just like this one, I have a different topic for every paragraph. Sometimes it’s not even a paragraph, just a phrase, just a word.

I’m so sleepy 😦 I think I’ll take advantage of this day since there were no assignments given.
Yeah I definitely need this sleep.


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