Purposely Unconscious

I’ve heard it all, seen it all, but nothing changed
How everything I do, resembles you is so strange
How everyone looks like you is complicated
How can everything I do, to you is related?

I’ve been writing stories, creating something new
A story that will go on even without you
But you’re always there in every beginning
Showing up in all my happy ending

Weird it is how I always hear your voice
Even in a crowdy place it over laps the noise
And how I hear you sing in my sleep
Oh why these things I need to leave is what I keep?

Cause your eyes are everywhere, brighter than the sun
Even though I’m not supposed to, I think I’m having fun
Hold my breath when I try not to love you
Risking myself to death whenever I try to

A taste of success whenever you smile
Maybe I’ll love you more for a while
Hoping it might all automatically disappear
I’m keeping my distance; don’t come near

I’ve been holding my urges, locking all my thoughts
Keeping our memories, all the times that we have lost
Chained my lips, tied my arms, all that I can do
Giving all my best, not to be dragged farther from you


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