Pain, pain go away

Just a mere imagination of your face
Gives me goose bumps and makes my heart race
Like a bolt running from my head to toe
Whether it’s pain or love, I won’t let you know

Touching my lips like it’s yours to mine
Remembering how sweet it was like wine
Making me dizzy as I doubt my own decision
Is this new feelings I’m having just an illusion?

Reminiscing whenever I feel lonely
How happy I was when you said I am your only
How different and unique were our affection
We were perfect though we were far from perfection

I hear no words but I feel you breathe
Like you’re talking to me in my head
Saying to myself what I want to hear from you
Believing like it’ll all come true

This night doesn’t change a bit from yesterday
I’ve been walking for months but I never got away
Running in circles when I though I’m getting far
How can I make this wound turn into a scar?

Wondering what I can do to make you leave
How can I avoid the pain that I receive?
Pain, pain, I never asked for you to stay
Pain, pain, why don’t you go away?

January 1, 2013


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