Our L☺ve

Everything that was built is now broken
Coz for the hundredth time I have fallen
Fallen for your smile, for your tears
And now I am ready to love you for years

Problems may get us weak, may give us pain
But even if that problem is as strong as a hurricane
Baby we will get through, we will survive
Coz our love will be true as long as we’re alive

Every breathe, every blink, i think of you
Every smile, every kiss, i fall for you
And as my love for you gets deeper
The more I want us to be together, forever

With what you feel and what I feel
Forever will become real
With our love as true as our eyes
We have discovered the true paradise

With this I miss you more that what my heart can take
Give love more that what I can normally make
You can make me say things I can’t really say
You can make me sing for you everyday

No matter how many times our hearts bleed
Each other’s love will still be the only thing we need
I need nothing but us, no one but you
And I hope that you only need me too

People die, caterpillars can soon fly
Clowns do cry, and i can still be shy
We can break up, we can fall apart
But everything that happened will remain in my heart

That will hurt you and hurt me
But it will also make us free
I don’t wanna be free, I want to be yours
And you will only be mine, even by force

I’m selfish, yes I know
If you’re scared, you can now go
Then I’ll hunt you, tie you and hug you all day
I will kiss you if you try to run away

This is love, this is cruelty, I am dangerous and lovely
But this is not how i love, my feelings are just so true
This babe, is how I LOVE YOU


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