First part ✓

I’m done with the first part of my country profile activity. I’m going to finish the second part tomorrow. I’m soooo sleepy I can’t understand anything anymore.

Salaam 3alaykum! That means hello~ I wonder what’s the number three for..
did I just say 3, 4? Hahaha!

How do you say hello in the official language of your country?

Briefly describe the history of your country.

Name one major difference between this country and the United States.

What is one important problem facing your country?

I have to answer these questions

I think that last question should be What is one important problem your country is facing?***  or am I just asdfghjkl?

I played Graal today. :] It was fuuuuuuun! I’m going to play again tomorrow~~~ lol I can’t believe I’m already thinking of procrastinating TvvvvvvvT

I’m done with my english assignment! And I was able to practice some of the music pieces. I actually started practicing at 7pm… gahd I was loud!
And I kind of.. just a little bit… maybe.. memorized the first page of the Interval sheet. It was 10 in the morning, I was 100% awake but it was soooo cold that my mind floated when I was memorizing so I’m not really sure I remember everything.

It’s 12:30am and I just finished my chocolate milk drinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

That means I’m definitely ready for bed.


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