Country Research..

Study with me. ^v^

Inside Story: Tunisia in Turmoil

I Knew You Were Trouble: Goat version

Climate & Weather:

Physical Geography:
1. What is your country’s official name? Tunisian Republic
2. What region of the world is your country located in? Northern Africa
3. How big is your country in square miles? 64, 000 sq mi
4. Who are you country’s neighbors? Algeria to the west, Libya to the south east
5. How would you describe your country’s physical features and climate? Mild, rainy winters in north while hot, dry summers at south.

Yes tapos na =))

Cultural Geography:
6. How many people live in your country?
7. What is your country’s ethnic composition?
8. What is your country’s official language? What other languages are spoken in your country?
9. What is your country’s capital? What are some of it’s major cities?
10. How would you describe the quality of life for the average person living in your country?

…… I’ll do this later.
Teach me how to dougie ♥


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