Identity Crisis

Standing in the middle of the road
Trying to figure out on what’s the secret code
To know one’s purpose for living
And where that person should be going

Knowing your own fate and future
Keeping the past as your biggest treasure
Loving the present to keep you on track
Control your time and make your own clock

Now here I am also confused
My soul and heart are also abused
Because of my mind that haven’t decided
I’m all getting weak, this is not what I wanted

I can’t tell if I’m good or bad
Even if we base it to the thoughts that I had
Don’t still know if I’m an angel or demon
Maybe it flows with the change of the season

As a color I don’t know if I’m white
That is the light in the darkness of the night
Or I am black which contains all darkness
And can live even with the colors absences

One day I’ll know who I really am
And then I’ll see what I am to them
But more important is if I can decide
Be contented and stay on one side

Maybe for now, I’ll be a color gray
I’ll stay in the middle if I like it this way
I’ll have both black and white in me
For my heart to be happy and lonely


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