Behind The Beauty

Falling in a dark place
This happens when I see your face
Your eyes caught the thoughts on me
Now there’s nothing I can see

Falling and falling like it’ll never end
What a creepy feeling that you always send
The scare stays until I calm my mind
But still the same plain eyes is what i find

I don’t stare or keep on looking at your eyes
But it stays on me and I think it’s very nice
Confusing for always, it sends me to hell
Or to heaven maybe, I can never tell

Full of sadness that tears can never express
Or maybe a smile that’s full of happiness
A lonely flower that will never bloom
Or a joyful fruit or unexpected mushroom

Maybe eyes to represent the darkness of the moon
Or the excited sun that will come out soon
Sand on the beach that will be washed away
A lucky fish that can live another day

A hopeless patient that will soon die
Or a loser player that will always try
A crawling caterpillar on a pretty leaf
Or a fluffy rabbit contrasting it’s own belief

Drowning in ideas that suddenly popped out
I’ll soon be deaf coz they all want to shout
I won’t understand even if I try to listen
See what mystery your eyes have given?


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