Self Torture

Why can’t I speak? I do have a mouth
But hate and anger is all I think about
I try to stop myself before I get loose
I should say only words that’s good enough to choose
But I feel it all like it’s gonna burst
As for revenge, I feel the strong thirst
My hands dream of cutting them in pieces
And pray to let them have all diseases

Tough heart that only wants to speak
And try to say the pain that’s very thick
That has been a trouble in my heart’s pumping
And causes me a very painful breathing

I won’t let tears fall as I talk to them
I won’t force to win in our every problem
My heart shall handle all that I will feel
Take care of it all so I can remain so still

This brain should control my every nerve
My body and soul should know how to serve
My eyes should always look very tough
My lips should never reveal that I had enough


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