Still You

Your heart is yours and it is free
Go only where your heart agree
It will be bad if you let it feel pain
It might die or just be insane

If it isn’t for me i’d understand
You don’t need to hold my hand
I know i can do this on my own
Go to her, i’ll be fine alone

There’s no need to force yourself to me
You can go to where you want to be
Give embrace to the girl of your dreams
All my pain will be writen on reams

If you can’t stand a day without her
Leave me and forget what we were
Stay by her side and never forget
That there was me before you two met

I won’t shout to make you hear me cry
I’ll hide so you won’t see me die
You don’t need to see me suffer
Ignore me, I’m just a worthless flower

Within the stoneless ground
Through all the silent sound
I’d like to let you hear my voice
Saying you’re still my only choice


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