I Met Someone Stronger Than Me

While I was walking in the empty street with darkness
I saw a girl who’s very tired from carrying all her sadness
I thought she’s fine since she was standing still
But I realized she’s facing pain twice to what I feel
Her swollen eyes are saying that they are out of tears
Her shaking hands and her weak knees are caused by fears
The blood on her lips showed the disrespectful kiss
From a trust-worthy friend carried by the demon’s tease

When I’m alone I long for someone’s presence
Someone to lift me when my body weakens
Arms to make me feel warm when I’m cold
And believe words that was never told

The fact that I know how it feels to be unwanted
The painful truth that I was once separated
Gave me the power to comfort her from her pains
And help her slowly erase the left horrible stains

There were two souls that walked far from their hearts
In their journey they’ll try to fix the broken parts
Gain courage to face the world with their new souls
Have strength to obtain the obstacles to achieve their goals


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