I Lost

I heard the clouds talking about me
Said i should walk carefully
Oh how much they pity me coz i’m lost
They thought unluckily I’m at my worst
But they shouldn’t be
Coz i’m not the only one unlucky
They are clouds to be hated
Clouds that people often berated

I’ll be strong to be able to finish this
And catch those disturbance of the peace
For the evidence of conversational piece
They’ll be caught by the justice police

Through the crying shakes of the wind
Hear the voices of those who have sinned
Never forget the only one to believe
Or to lying they will all just succeed

Catch my breathe and keep it in my hands
While I jump in each dreamlands
And ruin everything they dreamed of
Now to them i’m only an oaf

Have fun with your words unspoken
Keep on laughing at my heart all broken
One day you’ll see it all in a glance
That you just wasted all of your chance


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